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For all our programs...

Introductory Program

8 Lessons (ideally twice a week for 4 weeks) pay $80 upfront (cash or card) and we give you an Intro Program card that we stamp each time you come in, so if you miss a class you don’t lose out, just come when you can. Then if you join………

Annual Fee

Annual Membership (after Intro Program): $70

Training Fees

We’ve been to the business classes and the standard advice we get is don’t tell the potential ‘customer’ (you) the prices up front. Get them in the door any way you can, give them the sales pitch from the sales folder and when they are in the right frame of mind saying ‘yes’ to the questions you put to them then sell them on the membership package that seems best. Well maybe we might have more members if we followed the approach of the big fitness gyms, but they work on churning people through their establishments, we don’t. We are involved in training because it is a passion, a way of life and not a job. We are about helping people first and being a business second. Our preference is to be upfront, it’s part of the SDT culture.

So….we give you three options; direct debit and pay upfront are for those that can make classes regularly. For those on shift work or travel frequently for example a Flexi Pass may be the better option. It’s more expensive on a per class basis but gives you the flexibility to fit around your other commitments.

1. Pay As You Go (Fortnightly direct debit)

Join for a minimum of 3, 6 or 12 months paying fortnightly on direct debit and train in any and all classes except the advanced classes. The advantage with direct debit is that we can put it on hold if you go away for 2 weeks or more, are ill or otherwise unable to attend classes for a short period of 2 weeks or more.

Cost Per Fortnight3 Months (minimum)6 Months (minimum)12 Months (minimum)

(Note: full time Police, Security and Military personnel pay Student rate)

2. Upfront (Once off upfront payment)

Join for 3, 6 or 12 months paying once off upfront and train in any and all classes except the advanced classes. We accept cash or Visa and Mastercard EFTPOS.

One Off Cost3 Months6 Months12 Months

(Note: full time Police, Security and Military personnel pay Student rate)

3. Flexi Pass

SDT Flexi pass (12 classes within 3 months): $250. We give you a 12 lesson card which we stamp each time you come in.

Uniform Costs

You don’t need a uniform straight away, just something to exercise in. After you complete the 8 Lesson Introductory Program then buy a uniform which is MMA style black pants ($50) and an SDT T Shirt ($35).  After you join us we do suggest you purchase a groin guard and mouth guard from any good sports store for your protection……just in case.

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